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Μάιος οι Θεοί σας ευλογεί σε όλα αυτά που. μπορείτε να ξέρετε την επιτυχία μέσω της πίστης.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Post-Modern Freemasonry Latest News and Views

Brethren and Friends,
It is with extreme excitement and enthusiasm I report to you the latest developments regarding the Post-Modern Freemasonry movement.

Tons of activity. Where to begin. We have started an initiative to establish new Post-Modern lodges on a local level. The original idea was to have Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte to serve all sincere seekers around the globe. While this is still a reality it is not the only reality. We realize the demand for local groups to be able to come together as a lodge and we would be foolish not to service the demand at that level.

Responding to that demand we have created the It Takes Three Initiative. This allows a lodge to be fully functional and independent with only three officers, instead of the traditional seven. We feel that this represents are pragmatic view on Masonic formation. As a result we have several Rites and rituals that are fully operation at that level with more on the way.

The most exciting news is also more and more Masons are showing reception to the Post-Modern Masonic movement. We now have a cooperative of lodges around the world with more coming every day.

These include:
Lodge Ptah (Atlanta, GA)
Lodge Herra (Bay Area, CA)
Lodge of Nine Tears (Miami, FL)
Lodge Via Hermeticae (Mexico City, Mexico)
Lodge Corazon (Mexico City, Mexico)
Lodge Human Stones (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Lodge Helios (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Lodge Morganrote (Dortmund, Germany)
Lodge Ojo De Horus (Ecuador)

Also lodges are in the process of forming in France, Belgium, Italy, Sacramento, Charlotte North Carolina, Washington, DC and Rogers Arkansas.

In addition, we are also establishing a special Lodge of research. Lodge John Yarker. This special lodge will allow all Post-Modern Freemasons and members of academia to work together in Masonic, esoteric and occult research.

As you all can tell by now we have been extremely busy. Lot's of hard work and tireless dedication from Brethren around the world. This cooperative is exactly the type of vision of Brotherhood the original founding four of Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte had in mind.

I would also like to announce that have also established official relationships with the Order of Masonry Memphis Misriam Mixed of Ecuador and Portugal.

2010 will be year of growth, change and remanifestation.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Black Lodge Freemasonry (briefly) Defined

The spread of reliable information regarding the Post-Modern Masonic current is of high importance. Those who are against Post-Modern Freemasonry often use the spread of disinformation in order to confuse sincere independent minded and freethinking seekers of light.

Many of the primary accusations against Post-Modern Freemasonry come against us from partisan "Blue Lodge" Masons. One of the most common is the accusation that we, as Post-Moderns do not respect Blue Lodge traditions. This is in many cases an objective truth. We do not hold the landmarks as defined by Mackey as any form of Masonic "law." In fact we in whole reject the notion of universal Masonic law.

Why do we do this? We are not Blue Lodge Masons. We are Post-Moderns, also known as Black Lodge Freemasons.

Now, when we speak of Black Lodge Freemasonry we are not in anyway speaking of race, ethnicity or creed. We are also not speaking about organizational African American Freemasonry as found within the Prince Hall current. We speak of something very specific.

The color black has a very special significance in esoteric terms. The Greeks believed the color black to be representative of Chaos, the first god from who all of creation; mother Earth (Gaia) and the father sky, space (Uranus) where born.

The the ancient Egyptians the color blacks represented Xeper, the ultimate state of being. The great and pure consciousness form which light was born into the universe.

Black is an absorptive, it does not emit nor reflect light. To us, the Post-Modern Freemasons the goal of Freemasonry is to improve oneself in Freemasonry. This means we are to absorb all the Masonic light available from any source. Thus, the color black represents our inclusive outlook. We take from all sources, we use them to build our own operative skill. In our own way we seek to take our ashlars from the rough brown state to the smooth and polished state of smooth black stone. Like the obsidian forged by the heat of the Earth. We seek to help individual seekers of light to become polished Craftsman.

In physics, a black body is a perfect absorber of light, but by a rule derived by Einstein it is also, when heated, the best emitter.

Also, in the simplest of outlooks. The term Black Lodge Freemasonry serves to differentiate. We have in the world wide Masonic landscape Antient Freemasonry (Blue Lodge) Modern Freemasonry (Red Lodge) and Post-Modern Freemasonry (Black Lodge.) This helps to distinguish that though related each are their own and unique and they should be respected as such. We would not expect Blue Lodge or Red Lodge Masons to be 100% in line with Black Lodge customs and policies and why would we? Thus, we too must also be respected for our differences and for what we bring to the table of enlightenment.

Contrary to popular belief we do not want to "convert" the Masonic world. True many of us have very strong opinions. I myself am especially vocal. As an American, and a free man I believe I have the right to freely express myself as do others. That does not mean that I am closed off from anyone else's point of view, it just means that they better have a more compelling argument than my own.

That pretty much goes for all Post-Modern Black Lodge Freemasons. What we do is different but our goals should be the same. To make the world a better place, one living stone at a time.

Frater Raum Sariel

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Speed Dating and Post-Modern Freemasonry

I've got a friend of mine who is wonderful and kind. Also very lonely so she is examining all of her options so to speak. One of which is "speed dating." those not familiar with the concept let me explain. My friend gets a 1/2 hour where in two minute intervals she gets to meet as many eligible single men as possible.

Being a pragmatist I like this idea. In and out, bang bang no BS. Awesome. works for me. This would let her get though the BS and get down to the nitty gritty of what would make a successful relationship. Rock and roll!

Let's take myself as an example. My favorite band ever is The Pixies. I listen to them every day. Now, would I need you to be a Pixies fan to be the love of my life? Of course not. But you better damned be Pixies tolerant. If your not you would be on your backside faster than either of us could say backside. I like what I like for reasons. Number one, The Pixies rock and are totally awesome and Number Two because I hate change and I don't feel like doing it.

WTF? Does this have to do with Freemasonry? Well, the same thing. I am a Post-Modern Freemason. That means I like freedom and I really love the freedom to do what I do. You don't like it? I don't care. You'll be like that 2 minute date that hates The Pixies and loves sandalwood candles. Good luck to ya. I don't need to hear an explanation. I don't care, you're outta here.

In short I don't want to explain myself. If you don't agree with Post-Modern Freemasonry I don't care what your reasons are. I don't care what you think on the subject. You are just a past over two minute date, destined for a life of Altoids and someone who gives a crap. That wouldn't be me, not here. No coffee, no causal conversation, no splitting the tab at P.F.Changs.

I don't debate, I don't argue. I don't care about your "point of view" on this subject. I am sure someone does, I hope the conversation goes well.

That someone just isn't me, or any of us in the Post-Modern movement.

I am sure another speed dating class resumes next week. Good luck .

WM Lodge Hera
Post-Modern Freemasons

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Adventure in eMasonry

I am well known for my distaste of so called "eMasonry." While I believe that the Internet is a valuable promotional, informational and social tool it is also home to every would be extremist hater from here to Timbuktu.

The truth is, I am so focused on what I am doing that I don't want to have to bother with stupid or asinine remarks from mainstream partisan miscreants or any other unwashed undesirables. This is my I don't have a MySpace or Facebook page. I have also stopped reading the Masonic Information site and I don't allow unmoderated comments here.

We are dedicated in growing our humble little lodge and our Hellenic Rite. A lot of work goes into such a thing and we are dead serious about it no one more so than myself.

Nevertheless I figured I would give it a shot. I have joined the Masonic Life discussion forum. It's new, seems small enough so we'll see. For now, Google it if you are interested. I do not know if this forum is friendly to Post-Moderns so I will not link to it until I am certain that they are.

WM Lodge Hera
Post-Modern Freemasons

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Post-Modern Freemasonry in Mexico

We are so very pleased at the rapid advancement of Post-Modern Freemasonry in just south of our border in Mexico. A growing group of dedicated Brethren have formed Lodge Via Hermeticae and Lodge Corazon. Via Hermeticae works the Rite of Memphis-Misraim and Lodge Corazon works the French Modern Rite.
They have decided to share these pictures to give us a glimpse of Mexican Post-Modern Freemasonry in action.

In LVX ,
WM. Lodge Hera

Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Re-Creating" Freemasonry in Our Own Image?

I read on an institutionalized Masonic forum this morning an accusation that I have had against me before but never really thought seriously about until now.

This accusation of course was levied against all non "mainstream" Masons, not just Post-Moderns.I stood back, looked at this and realized to myself that this time our critic is 100% correct.

Speaking from the Post-Modern Masonic perspective we are absolutely creating the flavor of Freemasonry we want to ingest. Gender-Equal, Adogmatic yet Occult, deeply magickal and operational in base yet philosophic. The encouragement of the creation of new Rites as well preservation and re-establishment of the old. Sure, you could say that we are "recreating" Freemasonry.

At the same time isn't this a "traditional" practice?

When we look at history what do we find? The York Masons diverged the Stonemasons. The Moderns diverged from the Yorks. The Antients diverged from the Moderns. The Post-Modern now diverge from the Moderns, Antients and Yorks. I will write a paper more in depth on this subject sometime but isn't "recreating" Freemasonry in our own image the whole point? Aren't the needs of seekers and of society vastly different today than they where in 1717? Aren't both adaptation and evolution required for species survival?

I would love to read the thoughts of our forum on this subject.

Love and Light,

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rules of the House

Hello Brethren and Friends,
It is our intent that the Lodge Hera blog be informational, informal and fun. A cool place to hang out and chill, while learn about and discuss topics of some mutual interest. The portico of our lodge in cyberspace that allows those of you who are interested in getting to know us the opportunity to do just that.

Now that we have the introduction out of the way it is necessary for us to lay down some very simple ground rules. First of all we are a Post-Modern lodge of Freemasons. That means we are adogmatic, fully integrated and magickal in our intent. It also means we are self created, sovereign and independent. If any of those things bother you do us a favor,keep it to yourself or take it somewhere else. We will not, for one second entertain anyone who seeks to "rattle our cage." We just don't play in that sandbox.

Think of this as our house and you the welcome guest. Just as you would not go into someones house to start an argument don't come here to do the same. All comments on this blog are moderated how we see fit. That means if you make a comment and it doesn't appear, that means for what ever real we felt like at the time we didn't approve your post. We don't explain why we reject posts so don't be redundant by asking.

Second, we do not link to any non-Post-Modern Freemasonry friendly sites or lodges. We prefer to only link to Post-Modern lodges but we will make exceptions if the lodge in question chooses to work in cooperation with us. Cross-linking would be most appreciated. Common courtesy after all.

We will not at anytime comment on any gossip about us or our friends. To be brutally truthful, we are not big on the eMasonry thing. For the most part we do not participate in it and we have chosen this direction for a reason. There are a lot of ill informed and mean people on the web who claim to be Masons (and they may be) but who insist on being UN-Masonic in their actions. We as a Lodge could really care less about such individuals so we will not dignify any of that here.

Now that that is out of the way please enjoy yourselves. If anyone would like to contribute in anyway please let us know. We are always happy to extend the hand of friendship and brotherhood to new people. We are pretty nice when you get to know us.

Welcome friends. Have fun.

WM Lodge Hera

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Welcome to the Portico

Greetings Brethren and Friends,
This is our innagural blog for Lodge Hera. A rather exciting moment I must say. Lodge Hera is without a doubt the most fun, original and exciting venture in my Masonic and esoteric career. From a simple and unique concept thrown around amongst Brothers, family and close friends (usually over plenty of Chinese food and Anchor Steam beer) to this fully operational lodge of Post-Modern Freemasons.

What is really exciting is that we are doing something that is really original and unique. We can count ourselves amongst the small handful of Freemasons over the last 200 years or so that have not only throught outside the box, but reinvented a new one. This everyone is electrifing.

Not to say that it is all Roses. The Hellenic Rite from conception to birth has been an enormous amount of work. I mean could we have picked anything so large and vast as the Hellenic current? Couldn't we have started with something a little , well easier? Kabbalah perhaps? :) Nah, easy, and not hugely grand just doesn't fit our point of view really, so here we are.

Lodge Hera is a lodge of Post-Modern Freemasons. There will be plenty of blogs and places where information can and will be obtainable. For this, or first introduction we wanted to share some of the enthusiasm of our launch and the vision behind out little lodge of Hellenic Rite Freemasons. It sure is exciting, makes us feel energetic and really alive. We can only apply our magickal wills and hope that others will be drawn to our light. I for one am sure they will. When they do they will be welcomed like Brothers, friends and colleauges.

WM of Lodge Hera
Post-Modern Freemasons