Mission Statement

Μάιος οι Θεοί σας ευλογεί σε όλα αυτά που. μπορείτε να ξέρετε την επιτυχία μέσω της πίστης.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Almost Summer

It's almost summer of 2010. How the time goes by and how quickly things change. Lodge Hera has gone from an idea, to a concept for a "specialty" lodge within Post-Modern Freemasonry, to a fully functional lodge of Freemasons. Practicing the Hellenic Rite, sharing it within the 1613, all over the world.

Lodge Hera has given birth to other Hellenic Rite lodges. From Artemis, to Demeter, to Star of Minerva's Dawn and Titan of the East. All larger than Lodge Hera, a new breed of Masons of Samos is here.

Hellenic 1613 Chapters are taking shape in four countries. What a wonderful feeling it is.

So as the summer solstice comes closer and the night gives way to the long days let's be thankful for all that we have been able to do. Let's keep focus on what we can do and may G.O.A.T.U. gide your path.

WM Lodge Hera

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1613 Nation Lands in France

Allow me to raise a toast to our newest "Masonic baby." Loge Constant Chevillon-1613 Nation.
This lodge is located in Normandy, France. This is very symbolic and significant for a number of reasons.

1.) France is considered by most to be the birthplace of "liberal" Freemasonry. It also remains the most fertile ground for alternative Masonic current.

2.) Normandy also represents the site of the D-Day invasion and the liberation of Europe from the fascist butchers know as the Third Reich

3.) The lodge is named in honor of a great Masonic martyr, Constant Chevillon. He was a noted esoteric, magician, and activist. He was also Grand Master for the APRMM in France. Brother Chevillon was murdered by the Gestapo.

This goes to show everyone that even in a country where choice abounds, many are choosing to represent the 1613. We obviously have something to offer to some of the people out there. Welcome aboard by Brethren, and I wish to see you all very soon.


WM Lodge Hera