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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Hellenic Rite and Hellenic Reconstructionism

Hello Everyone,
Today I would like to briefly address a situation that has come to my attention. I have been fielding questions asking if someone needs to be a believer in the Hellenic religion in order to be a member of lodge Hera or any other Hellenic Rite lodge.

The short answer is no. Lodge Hera is a member of the 1613 Nation and thus is in harmony with the 1613 Manifesto. According to the Manifesto, it is paramount that all Hellenic Rite lodges follow the principles of the 1613 Nation. These including being essentially adogmatic in our approach to membership.

The 1613 Manifesto clearly states by it's fourth principle: All free and honest human beings, from all races, genders, religions, social situations, philosophical or political ideals and economic conceptions should commune in harmony and unity to be free citizens within the temple of Masonic light.

We, the membership and leadership of Lodge Hera remain firm in this commitment of inclusion. belief is not a requirement in order to experience the benefits of ceremonial magic, and this include our working of the Craft degrees of the Hellenic Rite.

It does need to be made clear to potential applicants that the Hellenic Rite is a deeply proto-religious Rite of Freemasonry. It does have it's symbolic and allegorical roots in Hellenic polytheism. Just as other Rites of Freemasonry have roots in Judaic monotheism or even in esoteric Christianity, it is our firm stance that all may take benefit from such a ritual path to enlightenment, as opposed to being require to be devout of faith to get results.

I hope that this quick note answers this important question for most of you. The Hellenic Rite is meant to be worked, it is also meant to be shared. It is my passion and I do believe that it is a beautiful system of self transformation. We at lodge Hera are pleased to help issue it to the world. At any time I will make myself available to answer what I can regarding this new and exciting Masonic Rite.

Thank you all for your time , attention and patience. May the light of G.A.O.T.U. bless each and every one of you in everything you do. may the Gods bring you peace and joy.

IN LVX 1613,

Joshua Walker-WM Lodge Hera