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Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Experience with the Foundation of Universal Freemasonry

When I first hear of the Foundation of Universal Freemasonry it sounded like an intriguing idea. Anything that supports Masonic freedom would be something that would have my personal support. I decided to join their public Yahoo Group and that is where things quickly went down hill.

First, I was unable to read any of the topics on the group. When I asked why, the leaders of the Foundation informed me that they did not know how to run a Yahoo group so they where not in a position to help me. Strange, if someone can't run a basic Yahoo group how can they run a non-profit organization?


Not the end of the world but highly annoying. Then I began to notice than none of my posts where appearing on the group. I was being censored for no reason at all. When I asked if I was unwelcome, I was assured by the Foundation leader Stephen Quest that I was "indeed welcomed." Very strange.

After two weeks it was very clear to me. Despite what I was being told I was still not allowed to see current or past topics and was not allowed to post. By this point my patience had started to wear thin.

Then I was informed by Mr.Quest since Mr, Chris Hodapp (who to my knowledge is not a member of the Foundation, the Yahoo group and who has nothing to do with any of it) believes that I am not a real person (whatever) that I was demanded to "prove" my existence.

Funny, ultimatums are hardly the way to solve a customer service issue. As a result, it would be my educated guess that the Foundation of Universal Freemasonry IS NOT recommended for members of Lodge Hera to have any interaction with. Not only are they functionally inept, they seem to be waste of time at best and downright dishonest at worst. This is all based upon my own experience, YMMV and I really hope it would.

I have wasted my own time with this group , it is not a mistake I will make again. Let my experience be an example to my fellow Brethren when dealing with less than honorable groups on the Internet.


Michelle Walker- SA
Lodge Hera