Mission Statement

Μάιος οι Θεοί σας ευλογεί σε όλα αυτά που. μπορείτε να ξέρετε την επιτυχία μέσω της πίστης.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rules of the House

Hello Brethren and Friends,
It is our intent that the Lodge Hera blog be informational, informal and fun. A cool place to hang out and chill, while learn about and discuss topics of some mutual interest. The portico of our lodge in cyberspace that allows those of you who are interested in getting to know us the opportunity to do just that.

Now that we have the introduction out of the way it is necessary for us to lay down some very simple ground rules. First of all we are a Post-Modern lodge of Freemasons. That means we are adogmatic, fully integrated and magickal in our intent. It also means we are self created, sovereign and independent. If any of those things bother you do us a favor,keep it to yourself or take it somewhere else. We will not, for one second entertain anyone who seeks to "rattle our cage." We just don't play in that sandbox.

Think of this as our house and you the welcome guest. Just as you would not go into someones house to start an argument don't come here to do the same. All comments on this blog are moderated how we see fit. That means if you make a comment and it doesn't appear, that means for what ever real we felt like at the time we didn't approve your post. We don't explain why we reject posts so don't be redundant by asking.

Second, we do not link to any non-Post-Modern Freemasonry friendly sites or lodges. We prefer to only link to Post-Modern lodges but we will make exceptions if the lodge in question chooses to work in cooperation with us. Cross-linking would be most appreciated. Common courtesy after all.

We will not at anytime comment on any gossip about us or our friends. To be brutally truthful, we are not big on the eMasonry thing. For the most part we do not participate in it and we have chosen this direction for a reason. There are a lot of ill informed and mean people on the web who claim to be Masons (and they may be) but who insist on being UN-Masonic in their actions. We as a Lodge could really care less about such individuals so we will not dignify any of that here.

Now that that is out of the way please enjoy yourselves. If anyone would like to contribute in anyway please let us know. We are always happy to extend the hand of friendship and brotherhood to new people. We are pretty nice when you get to know us.

Welcome friends. Have fun.

WM Lodge Hera

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Welcome to the Portico

Greetings Brethren and Friends,
This is our innagural blog for Lodge Hera. A rather exciting moment I must say. Lodge Hera is without a doubt the most fun, original and exciting venture in my Masonic and esoteric career. From a simple and unique concept thrown around amongst Brothers, family and close friends (usually over plenty of Chinese food and Anchor Steam beer) to this fully operational lodge of Post-Modern Freemasons.

What is really exciting is that we are doing something that is really original and unique. We can count ourselves amongst the small handful of Freemasons over the last 200 years or so that have not only throught outside the box, but reinvented a new one. This everyone is electrifing.

Not to say that it is all Roses. The Hellenic Rite from conception to birth has been an enormous amount of work. I mean could we have picked anything so large and vast as the Hellenic current? Couldn't we have started with something a little , well easier? Kabbalah perhaps? :) Nah, easy, and not hugely grand just doesn't fit our point of view really, so here we are.

Lodge Hera is a lodge of Post-Modern Freemasons. There will be plenty of blogs and places where information can and will be obtainable. For this, or first introduction we wanted to share some of the enthusiasm of our launch and the vision behind out little lodge of Hellenic Rite Freemasons. It sure is exciting, makes us feel energetic and really alive. We can only apply our magickal wills and hope that others will be drawn to our light. I for one am sure they will. When they do they will be welcomed like Brothers, friends and colleauges.

WM of Lodge Hera
Post-Modern Freemasons