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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Important Announcement- change of lodge location

Do to events, the lease on Lodge Hera's current location in Pleasanton will run out on April 1st. Unless something else happens, the lodge will move to the Walker household at that time.

Unfortunately, this means we need to be extra vigilant in regards to my family security. We will only meet prospective members in public locations until adequate time has been established so mutual trust can be firmly established. We will not be accepting visitors outside the 1613 Nation.

Now for the good news. We will be initiating two new EA's in February and we have three more petitions to read in lodge this Saturday. We will do our best to accomplish the upcoming initiations in our current location so that we may be able to accommodate all visiting Brethren.

Thank you for all of your patience during this time of transition. We appreciate everyone's support and interest in Lodge Hera and the 1613 Nation.

Joshua Walker-WM Lodge Hera

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